Story & dream

History of the vineyards and the appellation of Champagne: Known across the world, the appellation of Champagne did not come into existence overnight. Her story is centuries old and laced with ups and downs.

A long journey: Everything started with a terroir, which is so particular that it gave birth to the most original of wines thanks to the talent of the people who knew how to express its delicate typicity and sublimate it through effervescence.  The originality very quickly became renowned, once again thanks to pioneers who introduce this exceptional wine to connoisseurs all over the world.

The power of a myth: at the beginning of the twentieth century Champagne already had the power of a myth. The Champenois decide to protect this by delimitating the production area and defining common production rules, which later translated in the recognition of the Champagne Appellation (AOC). Since then, growers and houses united under the umbrella of the Commité Champagne, have not stopped to develop this heritage and have shared with as any as possible the values of their prestigious Champagne Appellation. The Champagne appellation is thus a reference for all producers and consumers who give privilege to authenticity, quality… and the dream.

( Vidéo : CIVC )