A small borough

Ambonnay, a small medieval borough which flourished in the Middle Ages, was founded at the site of a Galo-Roman villa. The discovery of a Merovingian cemetery at a place called "The Crilly Fountain" certifies that its origins are in the same place where the Templar monks of the Commandment of St John of Jerusalem later lived. They were great builders who at the dawn of the eleventh century erected our church, a fine example of Roman architecture which was transformed over the years into a Gothic style. From this time onward, the vine is part of the daily lives of the people AMBONNAY.
Sculptures of vine branches adorn certain pillar caps in the church. In 1578, Henri III, King of France, authorises the community of AMBONNAY to dig surrounding moats to protect itself and to organise a wine fair once a year on the day of St Luke. This charter is engraved on a stone located at the site of the old market place.


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