Small alleys

Ambonnay largely escaped the religious wars and other combats that our region has always known. From this less ancient place, AMBONNAY is characterized by a network of small alleys located around a central axis; these narrow paths were sometimes adorned by aesthetically interesting doorways, allowing access to properties which were often surrounded by walls (A Champenois peculiarity) .The names of the streets and alleys of AMBONNAY were made out of wrought iron about 25 years ago and AMBONNAY may pride itself on its unique heritage. Located on the hillsides of the Great Reds of the Montagne de Reims, the terroir of AMBONNAY is spread out over 370 hectares. At the heart of the traditional Champagne cradle, the hillsides of AMBONNAY-BOUZY benefit of a South, South Eastern exposure. The particular geological and pedological conditions as well as the local microclimate create the necessary characteristics to obtain exceptional grapes.


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