The spring : Discovering the potential

Discovering the potential.

With spring’s arrival the days lengthen and the revival reappears. Slowly but surely as the new sap fills us with new hope, the vine starts to relive. The buds swell and the vine cries. Little by little the winter desert is filled by birds ’song as well as the clicking of the secateurs, which like scalpels cut in its flesh to keeping nothing but the strictly necessary.

champagne rodez saison printemps

Spring at Champagne Rodez

Spring also brings the first rays of sunshine which give us back life, and we watch the vine to discover the potential. As days go by, buds explode; leaves spread out and give us a preview of future bunches. It is a time of hope. As spring brings the first warm days, winter dies. Sometimes by taking too long to leave us, it makes us live the anguish of the grieving morning.