The Autumn : The must and the flavours.

The must and the flavours.

The flower makes place for the grape bunches, who bask in the summer sun and soak up all the sugar for the future harvest. As soon as we realize that the days shorten and the sensibility of the year begins to write itself, the vineyard takes on a false lethargy. The estimations of the vintage become our prime preoccupation.

champagne rodez saison automne

Champagne Rodez in Autumn

At that time we live in tune with Mother Nature’s vibrations.  The September sun warms up the soil and the chalk, which ripens the grapes. The first fogs envelop the vines with morning coolness. At the end of September the herds run from vine to vine. In a few days, in a few hours this little world will bring in the harvest and confine it to the winemakers, but that is another story…